When we hear that a baby will come into the world, first thing we do is to start knitting a pair of booties for the baby. We feel like the booties are a sort of symbol of a new-born baby. We can make booties in many ways such as knitting, crocheting or even with clothings.

You can find many patterns of booties by searching the internet. But still you may have a difficulty finding the appropriate size chart for the baby. Because weight and size of the babies differ and naturally it might be hard to guess the size of the booties. Also the babies grow fast and you must take the age of the baby in consideration. You need to know in which month of the baby which size would be proper. In this article, I will try to answer to very this question;

Baby Booties Sole Size Chart ;

0-3 months (new-born) baby booties size

*2-3 kg foot size; length 7-8 cm, width 4 cm

*3-4 kg foot size; length 8-9 cm, width 4,5 cm

3-6 months baby foot size; length 9-11 cm, width 4,5 cm

6 months baby foot size; length 11-12 cm, width 5 cm

18 months baby foot size; length 12-14 cm, width 5 cm

2 years old baby foot size; length 14-16 cm, width 5,5 cm

You can watch the video below, to see how you can make it in the simplest way;

You can also check the picture below.


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